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PDA's Episode Files
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Greetings human T.V watchers

Greetings. I am Kimiko's PDA. That's right, her Personal Digital Assistant. Now I have decided to keep records on every (official) mission the Xiaolin warriors and I go on. I have stored the records in files and put the files here.-Kimiko's PDA
Episode List
Season 1
Episode No Name                     

1.Journey of 1000 miles
2.Like a Rock!
3.Tangeled Web
7.Ring of the Nine Dragons
8.Night of the Sapphire Dragon
9.My Homey Omi
10.Big as Texas
11.Royal Rumble
12.Mala Mala Jong
13.In the Flesh (1)
Season 2
1.Days Past (2)
2.Citadel of Doom (3)
3.The Shard of Lightning
4.The Crystal Glasses
5.Panda Town
6.Sizing up Omi
7.Enter the Dragon
8.The Sands of Time
9.Hear some Evil see some evil
11.Master Monk Guan
12.The Evil Within
13.The Deep Freeze
14.The Emperor Scorpion strikes back
15.The Black Vipers
16.Screams of the Siren
17.The return of Pandabubba
18.The last temptation of Raimundo
19.The year of the green monkey
20.The Demon seed
21.The New order
22.The Apprentice
23.Something Jermaine
24.Dangerous Minds
25.Judging Omi (1)
26.Saving Omi (2)
Season 3
1. Finding Omi (3)
2. Bird of Paradise
3. The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean
4. Omi Town
5. Treasure of the Blind Swordsman
6. Oil in the Family
7. Return of Master Monk Guan
8. The Dream Stalker
9. Chucky Choo
10. Wu got the power?
11. Hannibal's Revenge
12. Time after Time (1)
13. Time after Time (2)
Episode Guide
Coming soon!

Now that is a whole lot of episodes dude; and i'm only in 2 of 'em? Man what's the deal with that?-Jermaine

Wow, you read the whole page! I'm suprised it didn't overload your little pea brain mind!-Hannibal Roy Bean