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Character Bios
Okay, so here are bios for every main character and secondary character. I will try to find pictures of the characters as well as pictures of Shen-Gong-Wu.


The Xiaolin side
1.Omi- Omi is the Xiaolin dragon of water. An eccentric young monk, he tries to act "cool" but often gets things (especially slang words and sayings) wrong. Omi is short, bald and gets nine dots on his head when he uncovers his full potential. His moves are Tsunami/Tornado Strike Water/Ice and Wudai Neptune Water/Ice. His trademark Wu is the Orb of Tornami. His Wudai Weapon is the Shimo Staff.
2.Raimundo Pedrosa- The Xiaolin dragon of wind, this cocky Brazillian circus star uses his street smarts to get out of tight situations. Despite the fact that Raimundo is very laid back he is still a very skilled fighter. He once left the Xiaolin warriors to join the side of evil but soon returned to the side of good. Because of his bravery and great leadership skills in Time after time (2), Raimundo was picked to be a Shoku warrior (Xiaolin leader). Raimundo's moves are Typhoon Boom Wind and Wudai Star Wind. His trademark Wu is the Sword of the Storms. His Wudai Weapon is the Blade of the Nebula.
3.Kimiko Tohomiko- The Xiaolin dragon of fire, Kimiko is a feisty hot-head with a lot of firepower, which suits her element well. As the daughter of Mr.Tohomiko, the famous game designer, she had a very spoiled upbringing and so is often angered when she doesn't get what she wants. Kimiko's moves are Judallet Flip Fire and Wudai Mars Fire. Her trademark Wu is the Star Hanabi. Her Wudai Weapon is the Arrow Sparrow.
4. Clay Bailey: The Xiaolin dragon of Earth, Clay is a Texan cowboy who often uses Southern style metaphors. Clay is big and tough but he's got a heart of gold. His father owns the famous "Bailey beef ranch" and his sister, Jesse, is the leader of the infamous, all-girl motorcycle gang the Black Vipers. Clay's moves are Seismic Kick Earth and Wudai Crater Earth. His trademark Wu is the Fist of Tebbigong. His Wudai Weapon is the Big Bang Meteorang. 
5. Dojo Kanojo Cho: A dragon that is over 1500 years old; Dojo used to be Dashi's dragon and helped him hide the Shen-Gong-Wu. Dojo now uses his Shen-Gong-Wu senses to guide the monks to newly activated Wu. Often cowardly; Dojo tries his best to be brave and has helped his friends out of many tough situations.  
6. Master Fung: The leader of the Xiaolin temple and a sort of father figure to the monks; Master Fung is very wise and often tells the young monks proverbs to help them figure out tricky problems. Master Fung may be old but he has incredible power. Many fans believe that Master Fung may have been chosen to be the original Xiaolin dragon of Water.
7. Master Monk Guan: As his name suggests; Guan is master monk with incredicle battle skills and strength of both the body and the mind. He fought alongside Dashi and Chase Young when Wuya tried to take over the world. Master Monk Guan's treasured weapon is the Spear of Guan, which he gave to Omi. He then gave another one to Raimundo after he'd had hundreds of copies made.
The Heylin side
1. Jack Spicer: A self proclaimed "Evil Boy Genius" Jack is actually a whiny, pathetic weakling whose only major intellectual acheivment is his fully automated Jack-bot robots. At least 40 of which will be destroyed each time he meets the Xiaolin warriors. Originally the Xiaolin dragon's greatest threat when it came to collecting Wu; but  Jack is now more of a novelty villain compared to the likes of Chase Young and Hannibal Roy Bean. He was Wuya's original lackey. Jack desires to rule the world and hopes that one day his dream will come true. Jack loves the Monkey Staff.
2. Chase Young: Once on the side of good; Chase was swayed to the side of evil by Hannibal Roy Bean and he sold his soul for soup that made him immortal. he can also transform into a dragon. He fought alongside Dashi and Master Monk Guan when Wuya tried to take over the world; and when Omi tried to turn Chase good Guan ended up becoming evil. Possibly the most cunning of all the evil-doers; Chase is cold and calculating but is also an honourable man of his word. He is over 1000 years old and appears to be a somewhat "Arch-nemesis" of Omi's. Chase also has an army of jungle cats that were once warriors but he defeated them; he turned Omi into one once but the warriors freed him.
3. Hannibal Roy Bean: An evil kidney bean with a southern accent; Hannibal is the greatest evil in the entire universe. He turned Chase Young evil but Chase betrayed him and trapped him in the Ying-Yang world. Thanks to the Xiaolin dragons; Hannibal was freed and has once again begun to wreak havoc all over the world. His parrot is called the Ying-Ying bird and the bird appears to have magical abilities; as does Bean. Hannibal is very corruptive; he turned Chase and Guan to the side of evil and nearly did the same to Raimundo but failed. Hannibal tries for a more sneaky approach when it comes to battle and constantly disguises himself with the Moby Morpher. He appears to be Raimundo's arch-nemesis.
4. Wuya: An evil Heylin witch who is over 1500 years old; Wuya was defeated by Dashi 1500 years ago and then trapped in a magical puzzle box. 1500 years later Jack accidentally released her but she had taken the form of a purple, mask faced ghost. She wants to get all the Shen-Gong-Wu so that she can get all of her powers back. She has betrayed Jack on a number of occasions; but has remained with Chase Young for a long time now, though she occasionly teams up with Jack and Hannibal. She was returned to her human form by Raimundo but then trapped in the puzzle box again by Raimundo. She was then released as a ghost again by Katnappe; and later brought back to her human form once more by Chase, but without her powers. She remains in her fleshy form to this very day. Chase has taught her kung-fu so she can still defend herself.
5. Katnappe: A cat burglar; Ashley AKA Katnappe is obsessed with cats. She teamed up with Wuya and Jack for a short time but soon left them. She later teamed up with Wuya but left again due to Wuya's constant bossiness. Katnappe ocassionally rejoins Jack (Or on two ocassions, Chase) but not often. She also has genetically enhanced super kittens and uses purrrrrfect cat-puns.
6. Cyclops: A huge, red, fat, one-eyed dimwit; Cyclops has extraordinary strength and can shoot laser beams from his eye; too bad he has the brains of a 1 year old. He was un-stoppable when the warriors first faced him; but now they can take him down with ease. He has appeared as part of Jack's/Chases' army of evil and often returns to Jack to fill the void of a missing Wuya. 
7. PandaBubba: A mafia crime kingpin from Hong Kong; PandaBubba first appeared when he bought Shen-Gong-Wu from Jack and attempted to use them to take over China; but he was foiled by the warriors. He later re-appeared as Mr.Tohomiko's business partner; but he turned on Mr.Tohomiko and used the Zing-Zom bone to turn him into a zombie. This plan was foiled by Kimiko. With his ball shaped hairstyle, his black and white makeup and black and white business suit; PandaBubba looks a lot like a Panda.
8. Chameleon-Bot: Jack created this robot in order to infiltrate the Xiaolin temple and steal the warrior's Shen-Gong-Wu. A master of disguise; Chameleon-Bot can transform into any-one or anything that Jack has programmed into it's memory. But he gives this away by using un-spoken language such as "Nifty" and "Keen". He later returned as Chameleon-Bot Version 2.0.
9. Tubbimaura: An overweight ninja; Tubbimaura found an ad from Jack on the internet and offered his services. Tubby easily took the Sword of the Storms from Raimundo but was soon after defeated by him in a Xiaolin Showdown. Tubbimaura was hired by Jack once again but because of his demand for stuff Jack fired him. Tubbimaura rejoined Jack as part of his army of evil and then joined Chase.
10. Vlad: A large Russian vendor; Vlad joined the warriors only to betray them for Jack. He re-joined Jack after learning of the Heylin Seed. He then later re-joined Jack again but left to join Chase Young.
Vlad is strong but stupid and is one of the weakest enemies the warriors have encountered.
11. Chi Guardian: A strange creature that lives in the Ying-Yang world; the Chi Guardian allows no chi to be taken from the Ying-Yang world and will immediatley take any that has been stolen as well as sucking the theif's chi out of their ear by using his tongue. The Chi Guardian disguises himself by becoming invisible.
12. Dyris: A beautiful mermaid; Dyris holds a terrible secret. She is actually a creature of pure evil that turns into a hideous, horrifying monster with a craving for fish after she gets out of the water. Dyris wants to flood the world; she tricked the warriors into believing that she was good and the warrior Klofange was evil.
13. T-Rex: When Wuya stole the Rio Reverso she turned a huge amount of oil into this famous dinosaur. Chase then used the Eagle Scope on the T-Rex and it began to speak with a distinctive (But incorrect) British accent. It lost a showdown to Raimundo and was then shrunk to a tiny size using the Changing Chopsticks.
14. Gigi, the Heylin Seed: The warrirors were given the task of guarding this evil seed but failed and it was taken by Jack and Vlad. When the seed got water on it it transformed into a large plant with a french accent. Jack re-named the Heylin Seed Gigi. The only thing that can defeat Gigi in his plant form is the Moonstone Locust; which can devour any vegitation. Raimundo beat Gigi in a showdown and did just that. Gigi is super strong, invincible and can produce small flowers that spray a gas that will turn people into plants.
15. Mala-Mala Jong: An evil demonic warriror that is an amalgamation of several Shen-Gong-Wu (Explained in the Shen-Gong-Wu section), Mala-Mala was brought to life by Jack and then Wuya left Jack for him. Mala-Mala was defeated by Omi but later re-appeared as every 1500 years the planets aline and the Wu form Mala-Mala Jong on their own. He used the Ring of the Nine Dragons to become the Fearsome Four; but was defeated by the warriors in a showdown. The only things that can control the beast are Wuya (Perhaps because she's pure evil) and the Emperor Scorpion.
16. Le Mime: An annoying, magical mime; he was recruited by Jack and Wuya to get the Fist of Tebbigong. He returned for three brief cameos in "The Demon Seed", "Chucky Choo" and "Time after Time (1) and (2).
17. Raksha: An evil; swedish snowman, Raksha was brought to life when Jack's Dude-Bot dropped the Heart of Jong into a crevasse filled with snow. Raksha has the powers to reform himself (As he is made of snow) and he can morph into water. Wuya left Jack and joined Raksha until Omi defeated him. Raksha used the Lunar Locket to bring about a new ice-age until he was defeated.
18. Sabeeny: A mischevious spirit  in the form of an earwig; Dashi trapped him in the Mosaic Scale but he was released when Kimiko broke it. She hid the scale in Clay's room and Sabbeny crawled into Clay's ear and possesed him. He was forced out by Omi and then trapped in the scale once again by Kimiko during a Xiaolin Showdown. If Sabeeny ever gets out he will be invincible and without the need of a host as he had fused the Mosaic Scale and Monarch Wings together when Kimiko sealed him in the scale. (See Shen-Gong-Wu to learn about Mosaic Scale and Monarch Wings)
Miscallaneous Characters
1. Grand Master Dashi: Grand Master Dashi is the legendary Xiaolin Dragon who defeated Wuya and hid the Shen Gong Wu 1,500 years ago. He is a very relaxed and laid-back character. When Wuya is restored to human form, Omi uses Jack Spicer's "Evil" Time Machine to go back to the past to get Dashi's help. Encountering Dashi, Omi explains his predicament, and after the two compete in a Xiaolin Showdown, Dashi gives Omi a second wooden puzzle box. When Omi realizes that he is trapped in the past and panics, Dashi calms him down. Unfortunately for Omi, Dashi and Dojo have already buried their only time-traveling Shen Gong Wu and each have their own opinion as to where. After Dashi gives Omi some advice and departs, Omi has a brainstorm that allows him to return to the present. When Raimundo opens the puzzle box, Dashi's spirit appears and returns Wuya to her spirit form.
2. Jermaine: During an adventure in New York, the Xiaolin Warriors, Omi in particular, encounter a boy named Jermaine. Jermaine has excellent basketball skills, and helps Omi when he is separated from his friends. Jermaine then teams up with Omi in a Xiaolin Showdown against Jack Spicer, in a basketball tag team. Omi then offers him a place at the Xiaolin Temple, but Jermaine declines. He later comes to the temple, so proficient in martial arts that he is already at the third stage of Xiaolin training: Wudai Warrior (Note: Even though Jermaine had attained this stage, the outfit he shows to the others, along with wearing for most of the episode, has a level one sash, most likely to not give away the fact that he was a Wudai Warrior before he told the others or to give away the light blue sash color of the true Wudai sash.). This envokes jealousy in Omi, and the two have a serious spat. Jermaine turns out to be an apprentice of Chase Young, a fact Omi began to suspect when Jermaine used "Repulse the Monkey" in a sparring match with him, since that is a move Omi himself learned from Chase Young. However, Jermaine was unaware that Chase was evil. Jermaine competes in a four-way showdown with Omi, Jack, and Tubbimura. However, when he and Omi are the last ones standing, the two work things out and tie the match. Jermaine then returns home, promising to see Omi again.       
3. Megan Spicer: Jack's little cousin, Megan is a cute little girl that so far has only appeared in the episode "Here some evil see some evil" Megan is extremely bossy toward Jack and hates Wuya. She uses Jack's robots to jump-rope or to have tea parties with. She has also used Shen Gong Wu to a better effect than Jack. She helps the Xiaolin Warriors find Jack's Lab at the cost of playing with Dojo. Her favorite game is "Megan Says."Megan can be a hero for the monks and can be a pain for Jack.
4. Klofange: An ancient hunter equipped with advanced weaponry, Klofange is the adversary of Dyris, an evil mermaid. He was trapped with her in ice for an unknown number of years until they were both freed accidentally by Omi. Because of his attack on Dyris, who at the time seemed completely harmless, he was mistaken for a villain by both the Xiaolin Warriors and Jack Spicer. Teaming up with Spicer, Klofange launched a direct assault on the Xiaolin Temple. It was revealed at that point that Dyris was the villain that Klofange was trying to stop. After helping the Xiaolin Warriors defeat her, Klofange restrained Dyris long enough for both of them to become trapped in ice once more.
5. Chucky Choo: Dojo's old best friend and a con dragon. He took Dojo's Family Yo-Yo and lost it. His only appearance so far was in the episode "Chucky Choo" , where he sold fake Shen Gong Wu to several villains of the series (though he was mentioned in "Something Jermaine"). They later came after him for his con, and he tricked Wuya, Jack, and Cyclops into believing that the Shen Gong Wu the Xiaolin Dragons had gathered were all destroyed. He notably hid the Shen Gong Wu in Dojo's nose and gave him a fake version of the aforementioned Family Yo-Yo.

Wow! look at all the characters! Better yet, look at all the pigeons I can rob!-Pandabubba

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