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Master Fung's Question Corner
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Hello this is Master Fung. I have been chosen by the monks to reply to any digital messages or D-mail, sorry e-mail you send me. I will reply to every e-mail I get and will show a few every week here in the question corner. In your e-mail you may want to include improvements that can be made on the site, ideas for new Shen-Gong-Wu and episodes and more. Write whatever you want but please don't write anything offensive. I look forward to reading your v-mails sorry, that's p-mails-Master fung
If you wish to contact us send your e-mails to the following address:

Don't write anything offensive? Well that's my e-mail down the toilet!-Jack spicer

Wow, you read the whole page! I'm suprised it didn't overload your little pea brain mind!-Hannibal Roy Bean