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Xiaolin Showdowns
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Let's Go, Xiaolin Showdown!

Alright website viewing dude, it's my job to tell you all about Xiaolin Showdowns so here we go. Basically when two warriors get into a stalemate over a Shen-Gong-Wu, one can challenge the other to a Xiaolin Showdown in which each warrior wagers one Shen-Gong-Wu each. A challenge is set and the enviroment arround the warriors will change to meet the settings of the challenge (e.g small stepping stones will rise high into the air as huge pillars), then both warriors shout "Gon Yi Tempai!" (which means ready, set go!) and then the warriors must use their skills and the Shen-Gong-Wu they have wagered to complete the challenge and win the showdown. Whoever wins the showdown not only gets to keep his/her Wu, they also get the Wu they were showdowning for and their opponent's Wu. More than two people can compete in a Xiaolin Showdown and their are different ways of doing showdowns (e.g Shen-Yi-Bu dare, each warrior wagers two Shen-Gong-Wu each instead of one and an extra special variation is addded to the showdown like the warriors will switch Shen-Gong-Wu every now and again).

People fighting over Shen-Gong-Wu, ha! Pathetic! True power comes from within-Chase Young

Wow, you read the whole page! I'm suprised it didn't overload your little pea brain mind!-Hannibal Roy Bean