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Xiaolin Showdown+games megasite

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Welcome friend

What is this site?

This is a site where all people can come to see me and my amazing, incredible, un-belivable battle skills! Oh and some other things as well I suppose... So anyway you can enjoy this site no matter who you are! Unless your'e old. Oh no! I am only as you say pushing your arms! (puling your legs) so anyway take some time to view the un-official site of Xiaolin Showdown as well as extra features like reviews on tv shows, movies and games! I hope to see you soon!-Omi

This is the front page. From here you can accces any part of the site. Have fun young one!-Master Fung

I am most amazing! Look at my brilliant introduction! I am unstoppable!-Omi

Wow, you read the whole page! I'm suprised it didn't overload your little pea brain mind!-Hannibal Roy Bean