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Xiaolin Showdown+games megasite

The Xiaolin Bulletin

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Xiaolin Showdown and website news

Here I will post any news on Xiaolin showdown that I can
Wednesday 14th-15th March 2006: Time after Time (1) and (2) airs in the UK. Expected to air in America in mid-April. Time after Time (2) may very well be the last episode of Xiaolin Showdown as Kids WB! Do not want to buy Season 4 :(. Lets hope the show gets picked up by Cartoon Network or another cartoon channel.
Monday 20th March 2006: Xiaolin Showdown+Games Megasite online. Alright we're officially online! I'll keep updating the site with new details. For example the "Join the Xiao" function will soon be online. Hope you have fun!
Tuesday 21th March 2006: Guestbook added. The first part of the "Join us" part of the website has begun! We now have a guest book. Forum added. The forum is now up thanks to my good buddy Princess Clara Owns (If you like the TV show Drawn Together; check out his website you can access it via the "Join Us" section of the site. Have fun!

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