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Shen-Gong-Wu Scroll

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What the heck is a Shen-gong-Wu?

 Basically Shen-Gong-Wu is chinese for mystical power objects; and that's exactly what they are! They were made by Grand Master Dashi 1500 years ago in order to defeat Wuya. Shen-Gong-Wu (or Wu as they are often called) can be used as a weapon (e.g the Eye of Dashi shoots lightning), change something about the user (e.g the Lotus Twister makes the user's body strechtable rubber), change something about the world around you (e.g the Ruby of Ramses can move any object) and do plenty of other cool stuff too! If two warriors get into a stalemate over a Wu they do a Xiaolin Showdown which is a challenge to win the Wu. But luckily it's not my job to explain that. Phew!
Season 1 Shen-Gong-Wu
The following Shen-Gong-Wu were revealed in Season 1.
1. Mantis flip Coin: Found in China Town, San Francisco; this Chinese coin allows you to jump with the agility of a Mantis.
2. Two-Ton Tunic: Found in Venice, Italy, when it's name is said this tunic turns into inpenetrable, invulnerable armour. there's just one draw back, it weighs two tons! This is used as Mala-Mala Jong's torso.
3. Eye of Dashi: Named after it's creator and found on a tree in a mountainous region; this Wu is an eye with a red ruby in the centre that shoots lightning. This was also the first Wu to be showdowned over. This was the original Wu to be used with Raimundo's wind element. This is hung around Mala-Mala Jong's neck.
4. Fist of Tebbigong: A metal fist that packs a punch, literally! Whoever wears it can punch with extreme force. This was found in a mountainous region somewhere outside Paris. This is often used by Clay. This is used as Mala-Mala Jong's left hand.
5. Third Arm Sash: A blue sash that, when worn around the waist, acts as a third arm. It was found in Paris, France. This is used as Mala-Mala Jong's right arm and hand. this was Clay's original Apprentice-elemental Wu.
6. Jet Bootsu: Shoes that when worn, allow the wearer to defy gravity; so they can walk up walls, fly etc. It is unkwown where this Wu was originally located as Jack already had them when they first appeared. These are used as Mala-Mala Jong's feet.
7. Monkey Staff: A staff with a brown monkey on it, this was found on top of a mountain and can give the user the strength, speed, agility and likeness of a monkey. The staff can be used to immediately transform the holder into a half monkey half human or it can be held and slowly turn it's user into a monkey. The longer they hold the staff the more monkey like they become until eventually; they become 100% monkey and forget that they were ever a human. This is Jack's favorite Wu.
8. Tangle Web Comb: A comb that's teeth turn into strands of hair and tie up the user's enemies. This Wu was found in the Loch Ness, Scotland and requires absolute focus otherwise it will turn on the user.
9. Golden Tiger Claws: 3 golden claws that can rip a purple hole in the fabric of the universe and transport the user to any destination. (Presumably they have to have already seen the area they are headed to ) These Wu were so powerful that Omi sent them to the centre of the Earth, but he later used the Serpent's Tail to regain them. This Wu was often used by Raimundo when he turned over to the dark side.
10. Changing Chopsticks: Chopsticks that can shrink the user (Or other objects) down to the size of a grain of rice and then back to his/her original size, these were found in the nostrils of a giant, stone head on Easter Island. Jack once used this Wu to steal all the warrior's Wu except for the Mantis Flip Coin. This Wu can also be used in conjunction with the Reversing Mirror to turn somebody very big but both Wu are needed to change back to original size.
11. Sword of the Storm: A golden sword that cannot actually be used as a sword, it was found on a beach in Monte Carlo and can create huge storms. When combined with the Eye of Dashi it allows it's user to fly. This is often used by Raimundo and he did a lot of studiying to learn all of the Wu's secrets. Mala-Mala Jong held this in his Left Fist of Tebbigong hand after taking it from Raimundo.
12. Shroud of Shadows: A black cape that allows it's user to become invisible, it was found in a fountain in Tokyo, Japan. This was the first Shen-Gong-Wu to create a Shen-Yi-Bu dare Xiaolin Showdown. This is worn as a cape on Mala-Mala Jong's back.
13. Helmet of Jong: A bronze helmet that gives you eyes in the back of your head, this was found in a temple. This is used as Mala-Mala Jong's head. This Shen-Gong-Wu has never once been used.
14. Ring of the Nine Dragons: Located in an Aztec pyramid that was full of booby traps, this ring allows it's user to split himself into as many as nine warriors. But it also divides your maturity, your potential etc. so you must be very powerful to use it. A warrior needs to physically connect with all of his copies to become whole again. Mala-Mala Jong wears this to become the Fearsome Four.
15. Falcon's Eye: An eye that was found in a tree in a snowy mountain, this Wu lets you see through solid objects, see through disguises, see somebody when they are using the Shroud of Shadows, keep track of fast moving objects, it can also be used to see in the dark and can give it's user telescopic vision. It can be worn or held to the eye.
16. Sapphire Dragon: An extremely dangerous Wu that is only used as a last resort, it is a giant sapphire dragon that turns everyone, good evil or indifferent into solid sapphire statues. It can also control the sapphire statues as it's slaves. The only time it is in-active is when it is covered in soot which is why Dashi hid it in an active volcano. Dojo once had to find his fire within, and cover the dragon in soot as all the other monks had been turned into sapphire statues.
17. Serpent's Tail: This Shen-Gong-Wu was found in Manhattan, New York. It allows it's user to move through solid objects but can still be taken away even if someone is ghostly.
18. Orb of Tornami: A blue orb that was located in a city, behind it's small mouth it holds a mighty flood of water. This was Omi's original Apprentice-elemental Wu and once he learns to use it to freeze things and release huge amounts of water he rarely travels without it. Mala-Mala Jong holds this in his mouth after taking it from Clay.
19. Star Hanabi: A star that can be thrown like a shuriken, blast fire or illuminate dark places, this was found in Texas and used to be a family heirloom of Clay's family. This was Kimiko's original Apprentice-elemental Wu.
20. Lotus Twister: A lotus flower that crawls onto the user's arm, it was found in a swamp and allows the user to turn his/her limbs into stretchable rubber.
21. Longi Kite: A dragon kite that is worn on the back and allows flight, it was found on a beach.
22. Tounge Of Saiping: A tongue that allows the user to talk to (But not command) animals. It also allows the user to understand animals talking. It was found on an ice field.
23. Sun Chi Lantern: A lantern that merges the user's chi energy with all who are bathed in it's glow, this has only ever been used once, by Omi and was found on a lone tree in the desert.
24. Heart of Jong: A heart that brings inanimate objects to life; it was found in a tree in the middle of a forest. This is essential in bringing Mala-Mala Jong to life. It has also brought Jack's robot Dude-Bot to life as well as a Swedish snowman called Raksha.
25. Reversing Mirror: A mirror that can reverse the effects of any Shen-Gong-Wu (eg. the Two-Ton Tunic would become as light as a feather) it can also be used to reflect projectile attacks back to the attacker. This was used in conjunction with the Serpent's Tail twice in order to restore Wuya to her human form. It can also be used with the Changing Chopsticks to super size people and objects. It was found in a lighthouse.
Season 2 Shen-Gong-Wu
The following Shen-Gong-Wu were revealed in Season 2
26. Shard of Lightning: A torch like object that was found on top of a mountain near a harbour; this Wu allows it's user to move as fast as the speed of light so nobody can see them. But they can only do this for brief flashes of time. It has only ever been used on one occasion by Jack and Robo-Jack and then shortly after by the warriors.
27. Silver Manta Ray: The first of 4 vehicle Shen-Gong-Wu; this small manta Ray turns into a gigantic jet/submarine. It is often used when Dojo is out of comission and is piloted by Raimundo. This was found in a tree in a forest and was the first Shen-Gong-Wu to start a Xiaolin Trio. This Wu was originally un-identified.
28. Crystal Glasses: Glasses that allow it's user to see into the future, these were found in a temple in Moscow, Russia.
29. Wushu Helmet: This Wu was found in a cave along with a lot of other un-identified Wu, it allows it's user to deflect anything that hits him/her. It has only ever been used once by Omi. This was originally a silver helmet with a red streak on it, later the colour changed to bronze with a black streak and then back to silver and red.
30. Wings of Tinabi: Wings that allow the user to fly like an eagle while leaving a rainbow vapour trail behind them. These were found in a well. Jesse is currently "borrowing" them.
31. Glove of Jisaku: A mitten that attracts other objects, when activated a huge magnet comes out of it. This Wu was found in a mountainous region.
32. Thorn of Thunderbolt: A dagger like object that shoots lightning,(Similar to the Eye of Dashi) this Wu was stuck into the side of a mountain and was originally un-identified.
33. Tunnel Armadillo: The second of 4 vehicle Wu, this armadillo turns into a large digging machine that is often used to travel to the centre of the Earth. It was found on a snow covered mountain.
34. Ju-Ju Flytrap: This flytrap was found at the bottom of a lake and can release bugs to scare off the user's enemies.
35. Silk Spinner/Spitter: Originally found on a mountain; this Wu can shoot globs or strings of sticky silk to trap the user's foes.
36. Sands of Time: An hourglass that allows it's user to travel through and alter time; this was originally thought to be in Egypt but turned out to be located in a miniature pyramid in the Xiaolin temple's garden. After it had been reclaimed from Jack; old Omi took it into the future and hid it where no-one else could find it.
37. Sweet Baby Among Us: Found in a mountainous valley; this golden baby statue grows huge and traps the user's enemies in golden diapers. It is so strong it can defeat Cyclops in one punch and is also used to help the warriors train. It has only ever been used once in battle by the warriors (Sans Omi).
38. Ruby of Ramses: A red ruby that allows it's user to move objects at will; it was located in the head of a Pharoa's statue in Egypt. This was the first Shen-Gong-Wu to start a Xiaolin showdown Tsunami.
39. Mind reader Conch: A conch shell that allows it's user to read the thoughts of others; it was found on a beach amongst hundreds of other conch shells. Kimiko once wired it and the Eye of Dashi into her PDA and connected it to a satellite in order to read the thoughts of everyone on Earth.
40. Shadow of Fear: A falcon statue that was found on a log on a river; this Wu allows it's user to enter the dreams of others and bring their deepest, darkest fear to life.
41. Crouching Cougar: The third of 4 vehicle Wu; this small cougar statue was found on top of a mountain and can transform into a large cart carrying vehicle that is excellent for jungle travel and has great handling. This Shen-Gong-Wu created the first 8-way Xiaolin showdown.
42. Lasso Boa Boa: Originally one of the many un-identified Wu in the cave from "The Crytal Glasses"; this Wu was later re-revealed on a tree in a jungle. It is a lasso that turns into a bone crushing boa constrictor when wrapped around the user's enemy. It is often used by Clay.
43. Monsoon Sandals: Originally one of the many un-identified Wu in the cave from "The Crytal Glasses"; this Wu was later re-revealed in a rock pool on a beach. This Wu gives it's user legs that can stretch for miles. They are similar to the Lotus Twister in the sense that they can extend the length of your legs, as the Lotus Twister can extend any part of your body. If all 4 monks hold the sandals at the same time, they can all gain their power.
44. Mosaic Scale: An un-predictable Wu that causes mischeif. Sabeeny, the mischevious earwig was once imprisoned in here until Kimiko accidentally broke it. She later sealed him in again. It was found in a tree in a swamp.
45. Monarch Wings: Moth like wings that are the sister Shen-Gong-Wu to the Mosaic Scale; these were found in an ice-field full of geysers and when fused with the Mosaic Scale this Wu turns Sabeeny invincible and without need of a host.
46. Lunar Locket: A pendant that has the power to move the moon and therefore change the weather; it was found on a snowy mountain.
47. Emperor Scorpion: A scorpion that is worn on the wrist; this Wu allows it's user to control all Shen-Gong-Wu. (And therefore control Mala-Mala Jong and the Sapphire Dragon) It was found at the centre of the Earth and has only ever been used once, by Omi.
48. Sphere of Yun: A sphere that traps the user's enemy in an invisible, inpenetrable prison; it also gives the user possesion of the trapped person's possesive possesions. It has two different forms: enlarging itself and trapping someone inside of it, and creating a large; multicoloured orb to trap the person. It was located in the Black Viper's base in Texas.
49. Gills of Hamachi: A collar that, when worn, turns it's user into a fish like creature and allows them to breathe underwater. It was found at the top of an icy mountain. If all 4 warriors hold the gills at the same time; they can all gain it's power.
50. Black Beetle: A black beetle that covers the user in a heat resistant armour; it can also be used as a heat resistant boat. It was found in a sunken ship underwater. It has only been used once by the warriors, Jack and Chase Young.
51. Zing-Zom Bone: A strange, green item that emits a gas that zombifies anyone who breathes it in. The zombie then becomes the user's slave. It was found in the hand of a statue in the middle of a market in Tokyo, Japan.
52. Fountain of Hui: This Wu provides it's user with infinite (Although random) knowledge. It was found in a junkyard. The only way to pinpoint the exact piece of information you want to know is to combine the fountain with it's sister Shen-Gong-Wu the Eagle Scope.
53. Eagle Scope: When combined with it's sister Shen-Gong-Wu, the Fountain of Hui; this Wu can unlock all the secrets of the universe. Alone it can be used as a telescope or to make animals intelligent. It was found lodged in a rock in a jungle.
54. Moonstone Locust: A small hoop that releases an unlimited amount of stone locusts that will devour the Heylin seed plant. It was located on a tree in a jungle and can devour any vegitation.
55. Shen-Ga-Roo: The fourth and last of the 4 vehicle Wu; this small, spring like object transforms into a giant, hopping, kangaroo like object that can transport it's user to any destination. It was found inside a cave in China. It has only ever been used once by the warriors.
56. Wushan Geyser: A helmet that can erase the memory of anyone surrounding it; it was located in the middle of the Sahara desert. It has only ever been used once, by Chase Young.
57. Woozy Shooter: A horn/hose like object that emits a purple haze and makes anyone who breathes it in act goofy. It was located on top of a mountain.
58. Manchurian Musca: A fly that can turn it's user into a literal "Fly on the wall"; this Wu comes with a craving for sugar. It was found on top of a tree in a jungle.
59. Hidoku Mouse: A mouse that can be used to undo stupid mistakes; it was found in the centre of the Earth. Jack accidentally dropped it into a river of lava and it has never been seen since.
60. Ying Yo-Yo: A yo-yo that allows it's user access to the Ying-Yang world, a world with laws of it's own. It was found in a jungle. A warrior must have both the Ying Yo-Yo and the Yang Yo-Yo when leaving the Ying-Yang world otherwise they will leave behind their good chi in a small, blue, personalised, labled bottle of chi that is placed on a shelf among thousands of other bottles of chi. (If you are good. If you are evil you will leave behind all of your evil chi)
61. Yang Yo-Yo: The sister Shen-Gong-Wu to the Ying Yo-Yo; it has the same power and drawback. It was found in Dojo's ear whilst in the Ying-Yang world.
Season 3 Shen-Gong-Wu
The following Shen-Gong-Wu are from Season 3
62. Moby Morpher: Arm guards that allow the user to transform into other people and objects;(As well as transforming other objects as well) this was found on top of a volcano and is constantly used by Hannibal Roy Bean.
63. Rio Reverso: A bow and arrow type object with a diamond on top; this tricky little Wu turns things back into their original form. It has only ever been used on one occasion; by Jack to create a dinosaur army and then later on by Wuya for the same reason. It was found in a bush in a mountainous region.
64. Fancy Feet: Blue, winged sandals that allow the user to move faster than anything else; these were found on a mountain top. This Wu, along with the Gills of Hamachi and a variety of other Wu; was the first to be used in a Shen-Yi-Bu all in. During that very showdown, Raimundo took a Xiaolin Showdown Dive.
65. Shadow Slicer: A lesser known Shen-Gong-Wu; this sphere like object creates a hologram of the user. It was found in the monkey cage of a zoo and has only ever been used once, by Jack.
66. Kuzusu Atom: An object similar looking to the Thorn of Thunderbolt; it was found underwater and allows it's user to vaporise anything; even Shen-Gong-Wu.
67. Denshi Bunny: A green bunny that allows it's user to turn into lightning and therefore travel through electric cables or shock the user's enemies. It was found in a rocky area.
68. Ants in the Pants: A golden plate covered by a golden dome and held by a pole; when the dome is removed thousands of ants swarm onto the user's enemy and make them itch. It's great fun at parties but not good for battle. It was found in a mountainous region.
69. Cannon Blaster: A cannon that um, blasts. It turns it's user (And anyone holding onto the user) into a human cannonball and blasts them through the air. It is used several times by Raimundo in Time after Time (1+2).
70. Mikado Arm: Two golden arms joined together in an oblong shape; this lesser known Wu gives it's user incredible upper body strength. It was located at a construction site in a city. This Wu has only ever been used once, by Omi.
71. Kaijin Charm: Omi's elemental Wu. It is worn on the right arm and powers up Omi's water powers and the powers of the Shimo Staff. Like the other elemental Shen-Gong-Wu; this was given to Omi by Master Fung.
72. Crest of the Condor: Raimundo's elemental Wu. it is worn on the right arm and powers up Raimundo's wind powers and the powers of the Blade of the Nebula.
73. Cat's Eye Drago: Kimiko's elemental Wu. It is worn on the left arm and powers up Kimiko's fire powers and the powers of the Arrow Sparrow.
74. Longhorn Taurus: Clay's elemental Wu. It is worn on the left arm and powers up Clay's earth powers and the powers of the Big Bang Meteorang.
Trading Card Game Shen-Gong-Wu
The following Wu only appear in the Xiaolin Showdown Trading Card Game.
75. Bubble Brains: This skullcap with a brain shaped design grants its user a photographic memory.
76. Cube of Haniku: The Cube of Haniku creates ironic situations for one's opponents.
77. Culver Crystal: This amulet has the appearance of a white crystal inside a clear globe. It creates a glittering sphere of light to distract one's enemies.
78. Ninja Sash: The Ninja Sash is a golden sash with a red pendant in the middle. Once activated, it grants its user up to two body doubles of himself.
79. Rainbow Star: This strange Shen Gong Wu causes things to be rainbow coloured.
80. Neptune Helmet: This full face helmet allows the user to create a walking hurricane.
81. Thorn of Tectonic: This powerful Shen Gong Wu turns your enemy's Earth Shen Gong Wu to your advantages.
82. Dia Hippa Hoppa: This Wu turns all of its user's speech into rhymes, which possibly could be used to confuse your opponent.
83. Preying Monster: This turns its user into a mantis-like creature.
84. Danger Sneakers: A Wu that warns its user of impending danger.
Other magical objects
The following objects are not Shen-Gong-Wu but are still magical.
Wudai Weapons
These are the monk's Wudai Weapons.
1. Shimo Staff: Transforms into various ice-like weapons. This is Omi's Wudai weapon. Guarded by nothing, but when the Wudai Weapon was obtained, its cave dwelling collapsed. It is made of "solid water", and seems to have human feelings and emotions. The stick seemed sad when Omi said, "This is my Wudai Weapon?!?! A PITIFUL STICK?"
2. Blade of the Nebula: A blue, glass-like sword, that, when actived, turns into powerful chain nunchucks (many fans lament the fact that the "cool sword form" is never really used) that have control over wind and gales that can pick up your enemies and blow them away. This is Raimundo's Wudai Weapon. This was the first Wudai Weapon that revealed itself, and was guarded by rattlesnakes. It appears to be a blue, jagged version of the Sword of the Storm.
3. Arrow Sparrow: A Purse-like Wudai Weapon with a strap. It has a symbol on it that looks like a bird. It contains an unlimited amount of metal sparrows, that when thrown, catch on fire and blow up in a fiery explosions. This is Kimiko's Wudai Weapon. This was the second Wudai Weapon to be revealed, and was guarded by a living portrait (a guy from a picture who came out and fought the Wudai Warriors).
4. Big Bang Meteorang: A bronze boomerang. When thrown, it can cut through anything, including stone, rock and metal. It can also split into up to 5 smaller versions of itself for Multiple attack. This is Clay's Wudai Weapon. This is the third Wudai Weapon that is revealed, and is guarded by humanoid cacti. Sometimes Clay has a hard time catching it, usually when it has split into its multiple form, and has to jump out of the way of it.
Magic objects and occurnces
1. Loa Mange Lone Soup: The soup of the dragon; after Chase Young drank this he gave up his soul, became immortal, turned evil and gained the ability to turn into a dragon. When Master Monk Guan drank this he gained the same powers but turned into a scorpion like creature rather than a dragon.
2. Treasure of the Blind Swordsman: The Treasure of the Blind Swordsman is a mysterious, black-lustrous chest, that at first look, contains nothing. But if the user concentrates on the object of their desire, that object or objects will materialize (with the power of the spirit of the Blind Swordsman). The spirit of the Blind Swordsman seems to dwell within the chest to guide the user on how to use the chest. Even though it is wagered as a Shen Gong Wu, it is not considered one. This is only one of the items (which aren't Shen Gong Wu) wagered in a showdown, this also includes Omi's freedom. It was found with the Shimo Staff when the warriors went to find their Wudai Weapons.
3. Heylin Comet: Everyone few thousand years this comet will pass by the Earth. No Shen-Gong-Wu may be used whilst the comet is passing Earth as they develop a mind of their own.
4. Heylin Eclipse: Every few thousand years this eclipse will take place; during the eclipse Chase Young will be momentarily weakened; most likely a draw back of the Loa Mange lone soup.
5. Shen-Gong-Wu Scroll: The ancient scroll of the Shen-Gong-Wu; when a new Wu is revealed the scroll says which one it is and shows a cartoon of a stick man using it to demonstrate it's power.
Moves and techniques
These are some of the moves and techniques seen in the show
1. Tsunami/Tornado Strike Water/Ice: Omi's Xiaolin Apprentice move; he will spin around in a circle continously until he creates a huge tornado of water/ice/snow which he will use to engulf the enemy, or he may blast the water/ice/snow at them, or he man spin towards them and attack.
2. Typhoon Boom Wind: Raimundo's Xiaolin Apprentice move; Raimundo claps his hands and creates a huge sonic boom which will develop into wind and blow his enemies away.
3. Judallet Flip Fire: Kimiko's Xiaolin Apprentice move; she will jump and flip around and her feet will set on fair causing her to become a flaming streak in the air that will destroy her enemies. She may also flip and then throw fireballs.
4. Seismic Kick Earth: Clay's Xiaolin Apprentice move; he will kick the ground and create a huge earthquake or simply kick the enemy with extreme force.
5. Dragon X Kumei Formation: The warriors stand in an "X" shape and are covered in an aura. Omi blue, Raimundo white, Kimiko red and Clay green. This enhances their elemental abilities. Omi and Kimiko can also be spun around like a wheel by Raimundo and Clay and then all 4 warriors will charge into battle.
6. Wudai Neptune Water/Ice: Omi's Wudai Warrior move; this takes on several forms but is normally Omi shooting a jet of water/ice at his foes.
7. Wudai Star Wind: Raimundo's Wudai Warrior move; this is normally Raimundo blasting a gale of wind at his enemies. He can also blast it at the floor to push himself up into the air and then propel himself through the air using wind; practically flying.
8. Wudai Mars Fire: Kimiko's Wudai Warrior move; this is almost always Kimiko throwing fireballs at her foes or blasting a long string of fire.
9. Wudai Crater Earth: Clay's Wudai Warrior move; this takes on several forms but is normally Clay slamming the ground and creating an earthquake or throwing rocks at the enemy.
10. Wudai Orion Formation: The warriors form the same "X" shape as in Dragon X Kumei; but then they all turn pitch black and are each outlined with a different colour. Omi white, Raimundo blue, Kimiko red and Clay green. This drastically increases the warrior's elemental powers.
11. Heylin Memory Recall: Chase Young has used this once to recall Omi's memory of swearing his loyalty to Chase.
12. Full Potential: This move can be done by Omi, Guan, Chase (When he steals Omi's dots) and presumably Dashi. The character will get shining white dots on their forehead. Omi gets nine that form the shape of a square, Guan gets six that form two lines; three dots on each side, and Chase gets nine, in the shape of a diamond. (Which is the same shape as Omi's when he loses his good chi and becomes evil. Except Omi's dots turn red instead of white and Chase's are yellow. They are actually Omi's but Chase took them; Omi regains them after beating Chase in a Xiaolin Showdown)
Levels and Ranks
1. Xiaolin dragon in training: The first level of a Xiaolin monk; Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay were all at this level when they first began their training. It comes with red robes (Shirt) and black pants (Omi)/white pants (Raimundo+Clay)/a dress with stockings (Kimiko) and a black sash.
2. Xiaolin Apprentice: The next level of a Xiaolin monk; the warriors acheived this level after beating Mala-Mala Jong; except for Raimundo, who was proved to be too reckless when he disobeyed Master Fung. After Raimundo trapped Wuya in the puzzle box; he was offered the place but refused, saying he was not ready. He later became a Xiaolin Apprentice after defeating PandaBubba and Jack in a Xiaolin Showdown. This place comes with the same robes/dress and pants/stockings but the sash changes to dark blue. (It was originally red and yellow but the colour then changed to dark blue)
3. Wudai Warrior: The third level of a Xiaolin monk; the warriors argued over who would become the one Wudai Warrior. When Omi was saved from the side of evil; Master Fung informed the warriors that only one would rise to become a Wudai Warrior, but not until the 4 learned to work as one and all 4 dragons became Wudai Warriors. This level comes with the same outfit but the sash colour changes to light blue.
4. Shoku Warrior: The next level of Xiaolin monk; Master Fung said that the warrior he picked to be Shoku Warrior would also be Xiaolin Leader. Raimundo was picked. The other warriors will most likely rise to this level as well but not as Xiaolin leaders. This level comes with a black robe shirt with red dragon emblems on the sleeves, white pants and a red sash.
5. Xiaolin Dragon: Though I am not sure; the next level of Xiaolin monk is most probably a fully fledged Xiaolin Dragon.
6. Master Dragon: I expect this will be the next level. Like Master Fung and Master Monk Guan; if a monk proves they are worthy; they will be promoted to Master Dragon and will become the leader of their temple.
7. Grand Master Dragon: What I'm guessing is the last level of the Xiaolin monk; this is what Dashi was and only monks who prove themselves to be utterly amazing in both mind and muscle will be able to rise to this level of power.

Look at all that Wu, I made 'em all!-Dashi

Wow, you read the whole page! I'm suprised it didn't overload your little pea brain mind!-Hannibal Roy Bean